Crappy Pictures' Amber Dusick shares five creative ways to get rid of the mountains of Halloween candy that come from trick or treating.

Halloween is coming and with it comes mass quantities of sugary (or should I say corn syrupy) goodness. If you have young children, you might be thinking about how you’ll handle the candy onslaught this year. Aside from avoiding trick-or-treating completely, here are some popular options…

1.Eat It


Eat! Candy! I mean, really, isn’t this what candy is for? Some families combine all the Halloween candy into one giant bowl and everyone shares it while others allow each child to have their personal stash. But the bottom line is that anyone is allowed to eat it when they like, free-range style.

2.Control It


In this method, the parents allow the child eat the candy, but only under certain conditions. Maybe a certain amount after dinner. Maybe a certain amount per day. The point is, candy consumption is controlled by the parent. Having an understanding of rules is particularly helpful, otherwise “Can I have some candy now?” will start to get annoying. Some parents let each child match the candy pieces per day to the age of the child.

3.Invoke Magical Creatures


When in doubt, make stuff up. Magical creatures such as the Switch Witch, Candy Fairy, Great Pumpkin, Candy Goblin (or any other mythical creature a family dreams up) can be implemented to take that candy off your hands and swap it out for a toy. It is the same premise as the Tooth Fairy, child leaves the candy out and it magically disappears but leaves something cool behind. The parent then eats the candy (or at least the REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups), trashes it or donates it.



Turn the candy into currency. Pay them to not eat it! Determine a set price per piece or allow negotiation based on type. This is doubles as a math lesson. They give you candy, you give them money for it. Then you can eat, trash or donate.


If nobody is going to eat it, you might as well donate it rather than trash it. You can check if a local dentist is participating in the candy “buy” back program where they send the candy to troops. Some dentists make it fun and give out toothbrushes or other prizes. If nothing is going on near you, you can also donate candy directly to the troops via Operation Gratitude

How to you handle all the candy?

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